We are a small firm. That benefits our clients.

At Falk Flotteron & Davidson, the same attorney will handle your matter from start to finish. Rather than just an attorney, you'll have a team working with you. We try to focus our firm on a few key areas. For example, Kim Flotteron does only real estate. But that's a wide area, including commercial and residential real estate and buying and selling the properties. Many of her clients have worked with her and her team several times on several properties. That alone says something about the firm. The highest compliment is when a client returns for another legal matter.

Jacob Davidson is more of a generalist working in estate planning, municipal court matters, landlord-tenant issues, business law, and other legal areas. The attorneys are experienced in their types of practice. But so are the staff members who work with them. The result is an experienced team working to help you resolve your matter to your benefit.

Kenneth Falk founded the firm. He was a mentor and friend to both Flotteron and Davidson. Falk passed away in 2020. Every day Kim Flotteron, Jacob Davison, and their staff do their best to meet and exceed the standards set by Kenneth Falk.

We look forward to working with you.

Falk Flotteron & Davidson