Litigation occurs when a lawsuit has been filed. Whether you want to file a lawsuit against another person as the plaintiff or a lawsuit has been filed against you as the defendant, the court has rules that govern the filing of lawsuits and how they are resolved.

At Falk Flotteron & Davidson, we specialize in helping our clients litigate various legal matters, including business and contractual disputes and civil and commercial matters. Our attorneys are familiar with the state and federal rules of civil procedure. We are skilled in all aspects of litigating a case, from filing the complaint to conducting the trial. Our firm represents a wide range of clients, from individuals and small businesses to large corporations and public entities. We know litigation can be stressful, and we will work tirelessly to manage our client's expectations and provide clients with peace of mind.

Only a small number of cases proceed to trial. The majority of lawsuits are settled out of court. Our attorneys have considerable experience mediating and arbitrating cases that result in significant settlement awards for our clients. Our goal for every client is to provide sound legal advice and a strategy as unique as your legal situation. We will resolve the case in the manner most favorable to the client.

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