Most people spend their lives accumulating money and property, and other stuff. But what happens when they die? If they aren't prepared, the state determines who gets the benefits of their lifetime of work. That's why estate planning is so important.

Estate planning can help ensure that your money, property, and other things you've accumulated end up with the right people. It's a process with lots of options. It is not just one size fits all. Jacob Davidson and his team will work with you on a plan to have your heirs – rather than the taxing authorities – get the most they can.

And it's not just for senior citizens. Good, effective estate planning is something that can benefit almost anyone. This can include a living will. This document determines how medical decisions are made for you when you cannot make them on your own.

In some cases, a client might create a trust where the contents automatically follow to her heirs upon her death. These are all options that can be discussed. But there is one constant with all potential estate planning clients: Doing nothing is never the best.

What you worked so hard to earn should go to the people you love or a charity you like rather than the government. Let us help you make that happen.

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