Corporate finance and banking law regulate financial activities related to running a company. At Falk Flotteron & Davidson, we assist our clients with implementing a corporate structure best suited for the company's financial needs and goals. A company's corporate structure is the foundation on which the company is built, and we will assist you with the proper structure.

Corporate Entity

If you are considering establishing a corporate entity, our attorneys can help you determine the corporate structure that best fits your business operation, management, and tax goals. After deciding on a corporate structure, we will assist you with properly structuring your business as a corporate entity, including drafting and filing any necessary paperwork.

When applying for a business loan or a line of credit to assist with the costs of establishing and running a corporate entity, our attorneys can offer advice and help you develop a financial relationship with a bank or a commercial lender. We can also assist you with executing the requisite paperwork necessary to secure the loan or line of credit.

Falk Flotteron & Davidson
Falk Flotteron & Davidson

Third-Party Contracts

For contracts with third parties, our attorneys can assist with negotiating, preparing, and reviewing agreements.

Some of the agreements we can help you with are:

  • Real estate agreements
  • Leases on equipment
  • Contracts with customers
  • Contracts with suppliers

Corporate Matters